omg…this kid was at my highschool, wtffffff LOL WUTTTT?!?!!? Some times he dyes his hair in different colors (red, green blue, spotted, strips..ect) (hey i see ally’s picture above his :D)

me: wow i really liked that song now i think i'll listen to it another seventy times in a row

le bf and I

Fei: xD ah okies
Lag ewe
Hyzong: awe
Fei: Lol ewe its kay tho
Hun imma study a bit <3
Hyzong: <3 okie
study hard ^^
Fei: Bug me if u need something<3
xD e.e...
Hyzong: :3 okie dokie
Fei: But then I won't be able to study e.e
Hyzong: o.o which is why
i didnt plan to bug u?
Fei: No I meant
I can't study hard e.e..
Hyzong: o.o?
Fei: e.e
Hyzong: OTL
Fei: xD
Hyzong: Hunnnnnn
Fei: <3
Love u too e.e
Hyzong: idiotic xD <3
Fei: xD<3

Le boyfriend being a derp

hyzong: ewe
Him: xD <3
hyzong: -hugs back-
Him: xD
-holds ur head- e.e
hyzong: ewe
i cant smh? D: ?
Him: xD
nu e.e
hyzong: xD
Him: dont u love me D:
hyzong: then o= can i kiss u? :D?
Him: xD
its recommended <3
hyzong: xDD
-kisses- silly
Him: xD
-kisses back- x3 <3
hyzong: <3

xD The BoyFriend Again

Him: owo....
u were typing owo...?
hyzong: nuh
: 3 -pecks-
Him: D:
u pecked me D:
-kisses- &lt;3 D: take responsibility
hyzong: xDD
-kisses back- love you silly butt <3
Him: <3 love you too x3 kinky butt
hyzong: ewe
Him: xD <3

Keke The BoyFriend;;

Him: -hugs from behind- &lt;3
hyzong: x3
-hugs back-
Him: &lt;3
hyzong: ^^ -snugs- x3
Him: &lt;3 -kisses-
hyzong: &lt;3 -kisses back-
Him: \-kisses again- &lt;3 not letting u study
hyzong: xDD
-kisses back-
Him: -kisses again- &lt;3
hyzong: x3 silly
Him: xD
hyzong: -kisses back again-
love you
: 3
Him: &lt;3 -kisses again- love you too x3
hyzong: &lt;3
-kisses back-
hehe : 3
Him: &lt;3 kay letting u back x3
hyzong: ^^ kayy
Him: x3 &lt;3

Hai guys! i rebirthed into a guy two days ago :O!!!!

also wdf do u see the typo in the description? XD