how to get a girls panties wet:

  1. kiss her roughly 
  2. shove her down on the bed
  3. slip off her underwear
  4. slam dunk em in the toilet

omg…this kid was at my highschool, wtffffff LOL WUTTTT?!?!!? Some times he dyes his hair in different colors (red, green blue, spotted, strips..ect) (hey i see ally’s picture above his :D)

me: wow i really liked that song now i think i'll listen to it another seventy times in a row

le bf and I

Fei: xD ah okies
Lag ewe
Hyzong: awe
Fei: Lol ewe its kay tho
Hun imma study a bit <3
Hyzong: <3 okie
study hard ^^
Fei: Bug me if u need something<3
xD e.e...
Hyzong: :3 okie dokie
Fei: But then I won't be able to study e.e
Hyzong: o.o which is why
i didnt plan to bug u?
Fei: No I meant
I can't study hard e.e..
Hyzong: o.o?
Fei: e.e
Hyzong: OTL
Fei: xD
Hyzong: Hunnnnnn
Fei: <3
Love u too e.e
Hyzong: idiotic xD <3
Fei: xD<3

Le boyfriend being a derp

hyzong: ewe
Him: xD <3
hyzong: -hugs back-
Him: xD
-holds ur head- e.e
hyzong: ewe
i cant smh? D: ?
Him: xD
nu e.e
hyzong: xD
Him: dont u love me D:
hyzong: then o= can i kiss u? :D?
Him: xD
its recommended <3
hyzong: xDD
-kisses- silly
Him: xD
-kisses back- x3 <3
hyzong: <3

xD The BoyFriend Again

Him: owo....
u were typing owo...?
hyzong: nuh
: 3 -pecks-
Him: D:
u pecked me D:
-kisses- &lt;3 D: take responsibility
hyzong: xDD
-kisses back- love you silly butt <3
Him: <3 love you too x3 kinky butt
hyzong: ewe
Him: xD <3

Keke The BoyFriend;;

Him: -hugs from behind- &lt;3
hyzong: x3
-hugs back-
Him: &lt;3
hyzong: ^^ -snugs- x3
Him: &lt;3 -kisses-
hyzong: &lt;3 -kisses back-
Him: \-kisses again- &lt;3 not letting u study
hyzong: xDD
-kisses back-
Him: -kisses again- &lt;3
hyzong: x3 silly
Him: xD
hyzong: -kisses back again-
love you
: 3
Him: &lt;3 -kisses again- love you too x3
hyzong: &lt;3
-kisses back-
hehe : 3
Him: &lt;3 kay letting u back x3
hyzong: ^^ kayy
Him: x3 &lt;3